On My Radar: New Fall TV Shows 2014

Now that we know I have a slight (ok, it’s a little more than slight) obsession with TV, and what returning fall shows I’m excited to see, I thought you might like to know what NEW shows I’m including ... [ read more ]

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Peachy Keen Barbecue Chicken

Mmmmm. Nothing bad in it, right? That's what my hubby said when he tasted this yumminess, while distractedly watching the football game. Yep, I said. Nothing bad. Peachy keen, he said. Really? Peachy ... [ read more ]


OPI Viking In A Vinter Vonderland

My salon got in OPI’s new Nordic Collection just a few days after it was released. I went in for my bi-monthly manicure with every intention of getting one last summer color until I saw this little ... [ read more ]


Must-Have: Leopard Print

Leopard print made a HUGE comeback last year, and I’m so happy to see that it seems to be sticking around. I LOOOOVE leopard print. It’s my favorite of all the animal prints. It packs a punch and is ... [ read more ]

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Rustic Mint Wedding

When you get the opportunity to feature a wedding as GORGEOUS as this, you want to SHOUT IT out from the rooftops!! And pack as many pictures into the post as possible! That’s exactly what we’ve done ... [ read more ]


Easy Sausage Stuffed Zucchini

Is anybody’s garden overflowing with zucchini? Raise your hand if your sweet neighbors are secretly dropping TONS of zucchini on your back door because they don’t know what to do with it all. Can you ... [ read more ]


Much Ado About Day Planners

There are SO many ways to keep track of appointments, daily to-do’s, lists, and project management these days: paper and electronic calendars, apps, other programs, sticky notes, notepads, and ... [ read more ]


I Heart Mad Men

I have an obsession… with Mad Men. Up until a few months ago, I’d never watched a single episode. Then a speaker at Alt Summit suggested we watch it for the “working with brands and advertising” ... [ read more ]


Beauty Wish List

I have become a bit of a beauty addict. Or makeup junkie. Take your pick. I’m it. I’ve gone from owning just a few products to a CRAP TON in a very short amount of time. And I may or may not be just a ... [ read more ]

gray and pastel spring wedding feature

Gray and Pastel Spring Wedding

I am SO excited to share this gray and pastel spring wedding from Andrea Elizabeth Photography! From start to finish, the day looked lovely as can be, and the bride’s dress is so, so, so pretty!! But ... [ read more ]


Make Your Own: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice lattes are back in season! For most people, the heavens open up and angels sing (Hallelujah!!), when Starbucks makes that announcement. But not me. I’ve tried on more than one occasion ... [ read more ]


My Office: Before

I’ve been bit by the redecorating bug. And my office/sitting room is first up for a little dose of love this weekend! I’ve actually been itching to refresh my office/sitting room for MONTHS now, and ... [ read more ]

rustic summer wedding_featured

Rustic Summer Wedding

Sometimes a wedding’s sweetness just hits you and makes you weak in the knees. This rustic summer wedding and love story from Melissa Tuck Photography does just that. The bride and groom are so ... [ read more ]


George and Gracie: The First 8 Weeks

I can’t believe George and Gracie have been home with me for 8 weeks already!!! From almost losing George (who brought a vicious stomach and intestinal bug home from the shelter) to them learning how ... [ read more ]


If I Had a $50 Sephora Gift Card…

If I had a $50 Sephora Gift Card... Right now. Today. I would buy... ...just a few of the products I've been lusting after! ;) Sadly, I did not have a gift card to use on the few things I ... [ read more ]

french rustic wedding 650 feature

French Rustic Wedding

The bride describes her wedding as magical and we’d have to very much agree! This French rustic wedding with its sweet bride and groom, portraits by a vintage carousel, the most romantic ceremony, and ... [ read more ]

rustic lavender wedding feature_0001

Rustic Lavender Wedding

Oh my stars! You know how much we LOVE a beautiful love story, but I can't wait for you to see all the pretty details in this rustic lavender wedding from Hearts & Horseshoes Photography! Filled ... [ read more ]



So you may have noticed we changed a few things… Let me fill you in on what’s been happening these last few days, weeks, months, and years! Heart Love Weddings was born out of a desire to share not ... [ read more ]


Sweet Potato Puffs Egg Cups

I'm really trying to get my act together with regards to menu planning. My schedule is so packed right now, that I MUST figure out ways to be more efficient when making meals. Plus, I cannot, and ... [ read more ]