Yellow, Gray & White Southern Wedding from Shannon Kelley Photography

I am just pleased as punch to share this beautiful Southern wedding with you today from the über extraordinary Shannon Kelley Photography. Not only am I completely charmed by Leslie and Andy’s love story, but the details of their sweet, Southern affair are some of the prettiest I’ve seen. And Leslie is quite possibly the happiest bride ever. There is not one photo where she isn’t smiling (and boy, is it contagious). She even beamed through her tears as she and Andy shared an emotional first look moment. My favorite ever. You’ll see why in just a little bit, but first, let’s see how these two lovebirds met!

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Leslie is completely convinced that she and Andy met through pure fate. While they shared several mutual friends and had heard each other’s names come up in conversation, it was a beach music festival that finally brought them together. They made eyes at each other throughout the day, but it wasn’t until the bus ride home that they began to really hit it off. Andy chose the empty seat beside Leslie and they got to talking. Before the ride was over, the two exchanged telephone numbers. Leslie made it a point to inform Andy that she was a lady, and he would have to call her. (Ha! How cute is that?!) He did call her. The very next day in fact.

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After talking on the phone for several weeks, Andy invited Leslie to spend the weekend with him in Ocean Isle Beach and have their very first date. It was a three-hour drive and even with a GPS, Leslie got lost. (Sounds like me.) She called him to confirm landmarks and after successfully giving her directions, offered to stay on the phone with her until she got there. (Such a gentleman!)

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When she finally arrived, she was overjoyed to finally be seeing him again. He was even more handsome than she remembered. As he took her suitcase and led her into the house, Leslie mentioned wanting to change and freshen up a bit from the long drive. He turned to her and said, “You look beautiful.” Then he kissed her. Leslie says it was one of those first real kisses, where you’re caught off-guard but his hands go to all the right places – on the back of your neck and around your waist. She didn’t bother changing or freshening up after that because in that moment she felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. (Le sigh. I’ve only ever had one first real kiss like that. I’ll never forget it. I’m sure Leslie won’t either.)

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While Andy was technically the first to say those three little words (during an argument ironically enough), Leslie says she was the first… unofficially. They had taken the boat out to one of the islands surrounding OIB. After laying out in the sun and playing in the water a while, Andy saw a storm coming and insisted they go before they got caught in it. They were mistaken on which way the storm was moving though, and drove right into it. Andy covered Leslie with a few towels and took control of the wheel. As the rain came down in torrents, Leslie said, “Andy, if this gets any worse, I need to tell you something.” Andy just grinned really big and put his arm around her. Leslie said it was a sweet little moment, just the two of them… in the pouring rain and gusting wind.

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Andy realized he was in love with Leslie when it dawned on him one day that he would rather spend time with her than with anyone else. He knew she was the one from that moment forward, but says he did the “typical guy thing” and delayed actually proposing. (More like prolonging the inevitable. It’s easy to see they were meant to be together.)

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Leslie can’t pinpoint the exact moment she knew Andy was the one as she insists she was head over heels for him from the beginning. There was a moment though… (and although she can’t pinpoint it, I think it’s safe to say this is it.)

During the first few months of their relationship, Leslie was living in Raleigh, interviewing for jobs, three hours away from Andy in Ocean Isle Beach. An interview she was scheduled to have was cancelled, so she decided to surprise Andy at his house. But when she got there, she remembered he was at a boat building class. She took Pedro (Andy’s German Shepherd) for a walk and decided to wait for him. She curled up in his recliner to watch TV and eventually fell asleep. She awoke some time later to the sound of Andy’s feet literally running up the front porch steps and opening the door as fast as he could. They didn’t speak for several minutes, just kissed. It was evident he was just as happy to see her as she was to see him. (That has got to be the most romantic thing I have ever heard.)

first look, yellow and gray southern wedding, bridal couple's first look, Shannon Kelley Photography

yellow and white bridal bouquet, southern wedding, Shannon Kelley Photography

Both Leslie and Andy are dog lovers. When they moved in together, they both quickly became as attached to each other’s dog as they were to their own. About a year and a half before Andy proposed, they had to put Leslie’s dog to sleep due to old age. Leslie was heartbroken and became instantly more attached to Andy’s dog, Pedro. Sadly, Pedro had to be put down not long after Buddy (Leslie’s dog) after being diagnosed with an incurable disease. Both Leslie and Andy were so broken up about the loss of their pets that they didn’t want to replace them right away. But after four or five months, the house was just too quiet.

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Andy had purchased the ring he intended to give to Leslie months before, but had yet to decide how to actually propose. Cruising the internet one slow day at work, Andy began looking for German Shepherd puppies in their area. He came across a website advertising a litter of puppies not too far away and his plan to propose fell into place. He contacted the breeder, only to be told that just one puppy remained and they planned on keeping her. After some persuasion, Andy convinced the breeder to sell him the puppy, and off he went to get her.

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Leslie had gone to her parents’ house that weekend to celebrate her mother’s birthday. Andy took his time driving the five-hour round trip to get the newest member of their family. He made it home with plenty of time and slipped the ring he’d picked out around a snazzy pink color that he fastened to the pup’s neck. Then he waited. Leslie was due back any minute. Or so he thought. On her way home, Leslie had decided to stop and shop, and it was several hours before she finally returned home.

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He saw her pull up and immediately went to hide in their bedroom so the only thing she would see walking in was the puppy. The only problem was the puppy wanted to follow him. He shoved the puppy out of the room and quickly closed the door. Leslie walked in moments later and was instantly on the floor with her.

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yellow bridesmaids dresses, men's attire, bridal party, Shannon Kelley Photography

Andy came out of their bedroom, smiling at how quickly Leslie and the puppy had taken to each other. She asked him, “Who’s this?” He replied, “Abigail.” Leslie was almost immediately in tears, overjoyed that their family would be a little more complete with Abigail. But had yet to notice the ring. After a little prodding from Andy, Leslie finally noticed the white and yellow diamond ring dangling from the collar. He asked her to stand up then so he could get down on one knee and ask her properly. Of course, she said yes! (Reminds me of that adorable Fancy Feast commercial that everyone just loved.)

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{From the Bride} When I look at my wedding photos, it makes the entire day come back to life for me. It does seem as though everything went by so fast, but there are special moments I remember. I specifically remember the way Andy looked at me when I walked down the aisle. I didn’t see anyone else. I was so happy and into Andy that I even told my mom that I didn’t hear any music. It was just him and me. The day was amazing and exciting! We were married under huge live oak trees and people say they felt like they were in Savannah in the 1800s. 

We danced the night away, sipped our signature drinks, and never left each other’s side. It was so memorable! I had help from a planner and a coordinator with the wedding. Although, I knew every detail I wanted to do. I wanted the entire day to be stress-free and for Andy and I not to worry about a thing. It turned out perfectly! Even the band said that it was the most fun wedding they’d ever played at!

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{From the Groom} The wedding was perfect. We could not have asked for better weather. Leslie was absolutely beautiful. Our wedding was at an old rice plantation near Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Our ceremony took place under what they called the Avenue of Oaks, a stand of very old Live Oaks complete with moss hanging from their branches. Very “Gone with the Wind” picturesque. Every detail was perfect. Leslie pretty much planned the wedding herself and made sure every attention to detail was tended to. 

There were several moments that highlighted the day: the first look photos, Leslie walking down the aisle in her beautiful dress, and the “I do’s”. If I had to pick my favorite moment though it was probably our first dance. It was really nice to see all our friends and family surrounding us on the tiny dance floor leaving us just enough room to dance. There is a great picture of this moment. Everybody danced and laughed the whole evening. I don’t think there was a single person there that did not have a good time. I can honestly say though that when it was all over, we were completely exhausted.

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first look, yellow and gray southern wedding, bridal couple's first look, Shannon Kelley Photography

{Advice from the Bride} The best advice for brides-to-be would be to seriously enjoy the planning part! Take joy in every aspect! Even though we planned our wedding in less than 6 months, I should have taken time to enjoy even the little things. Make time for each other during the engagement period too – this is your most special time together. :)

{Advice from the Groom} If I had to give anybody advice it would be this, take time to get to know each other. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Plan the wedding you want to have, not the one everybody else wants you to have. Leslie definitely had exactly what she wanted. She created the perfect atmosphere for us. Last and most important, have fun… your wedding day will be one of the most memorable events in your life.

touching first look moment, Shannon Kelley Photography

What I love most about Leslie and Andy? Leslie mentioned they filled out our love story questionnaire over a romantic dinner! How awesome is that?! I want to impress on all the couples we feature to do this! What’s better than a romantic evening with the one you love, reliving your love story? I can’t think of a single thing. :)

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Congratulations Leslie and Andy! Thank you so much for sharing your love story with all of us today! We wish you so much love, laughter, and smiles (together and with Abigail too) in the years to come! And, as always, the biggest of thank you’s to Shannon of Shannon Kelley Photography! I just can’t get enough of her incredible talent, can you?

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Ceremony and Reception Venue: Litchfield PlantationWedding Planner: Hoopla Event Planning

Dress & Accessories: The Little White DressHair & Makeup: Stox and Co.

Cake: The Bakery at Piggly WigglyFlowers: Calabash Florist

Officiant: Rev. Dan Brown – Invitations & All Printed Designs: Leslie Tyson (bride)

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