Vintage Wedding Ideas Decorations and theme inspiration

Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Besides shopping for your wedding dress, I think the next absolute favorite step in wedding planning is styling and/or decorating. Whether it falls in the category of centerpieces, table linens, tables and chairs, additional decor at your wedding offers the opportunity to really create a homeyness to your venue and be a reflection of your personality. And when it comes to finding vintage items, renting them from a professional is really one of your best options. They have done the legwork and the homework, saving you time and money.

vintage crate with lollipop placecards

Bobbi + Mike Photography for One True Love Vintage Rentals

vintage wire basket filled with loaves of fresh baked baguettes

Lori Paladino Photography for One True Love Vintage Rentals

We’ve invited several experts in vintage rentals {Jeni Maus from Found Vintage Rentals, Maggie Farrell from Maggpie Vintage Rentals and Amanda O’Shannessy from One True Love Vintage Rentals} to share some words of wisdom and tips to inspire you, and help to design and style your wedding to vintage perfection.

{Vintage Style or Trend?} Jeni has been collecting antiques for years, so for her, vintage is definitely a style not unlike rustic, country, modern or contemporary decorating. Many are drawn to the vintage style for not just the chipped paint and worn edges but for its character and history. People have been “antiquing” since forever, but now we’ve been able to give this activity a word befitting a style vintage. Most couples that choose vintage decor are already drawn to this style because they have it incorporated either into their home or clothing. So why not be surrounded by the people and the things you love the most?

vintage doors as decor, vintage tables and pews as ceremony seating

vintage furniture as reception decor, vintage living room furniture as lounge area at wedding reception

vintage dining table setting, vintage tablescape

vintage armchair, antique armchair

vintage side table as wedding decor, vintage pew as ceremony seating

Collection of photos above via Found Vintage Rentals

{Uniqueness} Maggie feels that vintage styling allows a couples uniqueness to shine. Many pieces are one of a kind with their different shapes, textures and colors. Unlike some of today’s styles which can be very homogenous, many vintage pieces are altogether different and custom made. This uniqueness allows couples to create something special that may inspire their guests to remark, “Oh, I remember my grandmother had a table like this one, but it was blue and I loved it!”. Think of the decor as literally extending the warm, comfortable hospitality of your home to your venue.

vintage dining table and chairs, vintage tablescape

Abby Grace Photography for Maggpie Vintage Rentals

vintage side table with doilies and vintage vases as wedding reception decor, vintage suitcases as dessert display

Jason Hoak | Abby Grace Photography for Maggpie Vintage Rentals

vintage china

Jason Hoak for Maggpie Vintage Rentals

vintage trunk as drink display

Abby Grace Photography for Maggpie Vintage Rentals

{Styling} Amanda tells us that once you’ve determined your colors, vintage styling is easy because it’s not about being matchy-matchy. Vintage allows you the flexibility of varying shades of color (think soft pastels, muted neutrals balanced with rich, dark wood tones) adding interest and depth to your decor. And here’s a great tip ~ arrange things in odd numbers, not evens. Amanda says, “Groups consisting of odd numbers make for a more effortless yet balanced look whereas even numbered groups look a bit forced and incomplete.” Go ahead, yes, do try this at home! I do it all the time. You will notice a difference.

vintage suitcases as wedding decor, vintage birdcage as wedding decor

Kate Harrison Photography for One True Love Vintage Rentals

vintage trunk as wedding decor, vintage settee as lounge area at wedding reception

JK Life Stories Photography for One True Love Vintage Rentals

vintage mason jar stand display, vintage dining table and chair, vintage tablescape, vintage wedding decor

Lili Durkin Photography | MEF Photography for One True Love Vintage Rentals

vintage bureau as dessert and drink display

MEF Photography for One True Love Vintage Rentals

vintage pak benches as lounge area for wedding reception, vintage wedding decor

Sloan Photographers for One True Love Vintage Rentals

vintage sofa as lounge area for wedding reception, vintage wedding decor

Lori Paladino Photography for One True Love Vintage Rentals

{Budget} When it comes to budgeting for the decor, Amanda suggests that you ask yourself what area is the most important to you. Is it the ceremony or the cocktail hour? Do you have a sweet tooth and want to display your dessert in a special way that reflects your personalities? Maybe you want to create a fun photo booth area. By breaking down your needs and wants you’ll better be able to budget.

Amanda of One True Love Vintage Rentals also shared some tips on “navigating the flea” if you’re a DIY bride and want to venture out on your own.

Never leave home without

  1. Cash: Very few vendors accept credit card or check so you’ll need to hit up the ATM before heading to the flea.
  2. A notebook + pen: Keep track of the items that you like in a notebook or on your phone. If I’m unsure about an item I’ll write down the seller’s booth number, a brief description of the item and the price. If the item is still on my mind later, I go back and swoop it up! (My tip: Ask the vendor if you can take a picture with your phone/camera so that you can remember what the piece looks like)
  3. A tape measure: You know what’s not fun? When you buy a gorgeous piece only to find out you can’t fit it into your car! Not that that’s happened to me or anything
  4. A water bottle and a snack: This one’s pretty self explanatory. Nothing puts a damper on flea market day like dehydration and a growling stomach.

Smart shopping tips

  1. Don’t be afraid to haggle! Sellers often price things knowing that people will try to get a lower price. Note: This doesn’t mean you should “low-ball” a seller. If the item is priced at $300 and you offer the seller $150 expect to get some dirty looks! Be reasonable.
  2. Make price comparisons before making a purchase. Maybe you are looking for some vintage cameras and you come across one being sold for $75. You buy it and then 10 minutes later find a similar camera for half that price. Eventually you’ll start to get a feel for what constitutes a fair price for a particular item. Until then do your research!
  3. There are no returns at flea markets. Make sure you are certain about a piece before buying it!
  4. The early bird gets all the vintage goodies! The earlier you can motivate yourself to get out the door, the better! If you’re going before the sun rises (trust me, people do it!) be sure to bring a flashlight.

vintage serving tray with pale pink roses centerpiece

Charley Star for Found Vintage Rentals

One last tip from me

When planning your vintage decor, you have the option of renting or buying, both of which have pros and cons which I provided a mini list of below.

Buying ~

{Pro} Having fun chasing down 200 mason jars for your signature drink.

{Con} What do you do with all those 200 mason jars after your wedding?

{Pro} You can use the mason jars for drinks and escort cards and favors by personalizing them so you won’t have to bring them home.

{Con} Extra time and possibly money finding all those mason jars and other pieces.

Rental Companies ~

{Pro} Saves you time by having all those 200 mason jars already collected and waiting for you to pick up 🙂

{Pro} They know exactly where to find 200 mason jars, saving you time and money.

{Pro} They have the expertise to style pieces in a way that will make the most of the area that you want to focus on. Trust them. Therein lies the real value of someone that knows what they are doing.

You probably figured out that I am a huge fan of vintage rental companies and of the gals that gave us tips today. That’s because I like to save time, want to experience stress-free planning and enjoy receiving the input of experts to make my event all that it can be within my budget. That being said, I would also love to experience the fun of hunting down smaller, one of a kind items at the “flea” but only if I am able to utilize it again in my home or for other entertaining.

Thank you so very much to Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals, Maggie Farrell of Maggpie Vintage Rentals and Amanda O’Shannessy of One True Love Vintage Rentals for sharing their time and expertise with us today.

Have you decided to add some vintage decor to your wedding? We’d love to know what pieces you might be adding to your wish list.

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