Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

Ah, stationery! There’s something oh so special and exciting when you receive a wedding invitation in the mail, isn’t there? It’s the texture, the weight, the beautiful font, the shimmer of ink and of course, the announcement of a wedding with all the details.  The selections available now including the increasingly popular letterpress are endless! There is such variety, colors and fonts to choose and yes, now you can even emphasize a particular style – like say, vintage! And I can tell you that invitations have come a long way, baby.

As part of the planning process you’ll be presented with lots of choices and making decisions based on your wants, needs and budget. You’ll be choosing your style, in this case we’re focusing on vintage, and of course, your colors. Once you’ve made those choices, it’s time to get into some of the finer details. Your save the date (if you choose)  and then your wedding invitation will be one of the first details that your guests will experience. You will have the opportunity to set the tone of what your guests can expect and they will be giddy with anticipation and so excited to respond!

Take a look at some of the beauties that we discovered.

Royal Steamline Vintage Postcard

Royal Steamline Vintage Invitations

via Royal Steamline

Antiquaria Vintage Invite

Antiquaria via 100 Layer Cake

Antiquaria Stamp Save the Date

Antiquaria via Oh so Beautiful Paper

Here’s a couple of our favorite tips when planning your vintage invitations.

{Colors & Fonts} Depending on a particular era, colors can range from vibrant to muted. Generally, earlier time periods lean towards the more muted, neutral and pastels with retro styling calling for boldness and brighter colors. Below is a great example of a font that looks like something your great grandmother might have penned.

Lucky Luxe Vintage Invite Hemingway Collection

via Lucky Luxe

{Coordination} All of your paper products should coordinate. Yes, I know we’re not real big fans of everything being real matchy-matchy but there are ways of giving a cohesive look while still maintaining its individual appeal. I really love how this save the date complements the wedding invite and because of the different textiles used they make quite the memorable impression on those that will receive them.

Lucky Luxe Save the Date

Lucky Luxe Vintage Handkerchief Invite

Lucky Luxe Vintage Handkerchief Invite

via Lucky Luxe

{Personalization & DIY} Nowadays many stationery professionals offer ways to further personalize an invite with a favorite monogram or logo and add touches of lace and ribbon. I am particularly fond of a combination of the two. Have the main body of the invite printed by a professional and then create a unique way of presenting and packaging. Below is a great example of how adding frayed ribbon and an antique key gave a glimpse into the theme of the wedding with the save the date.

Jessica Claire Photography Personal Vintage Invitation

Then the individual wedding invitations were placed in hollowed out old books, each selected for its particular uniqueness whether by color, title and even pattern. While everything was different there was still a cohesiveness to the color choices, patterns and textiles which gives each invitation that personal touch. And remember, this bride was establishing a theme of keys and locks so that even the wax seal had a small imprint of a lock. The attention to detail while a lot of work really made for quite the impression upon completion. And if I had been a guest receiving this invite, I would have been one of the first responses because I couldn’t wait to see how this wedding would unfold. I’m sure it was pure magic and memorable for all that attended. That is what weddings are made of ~ love and beautiful memory making!

Jessica Claire Photography Personal Vintage Invitation

Jessica Claire Photography Personal Vintage Invitation

via Jessica Claire Photography

{Cute Ideas} A simple and adorable idea would be to create your own invitation on postcard size card stock along with a same size response card and slip it all into a favor bag. Add a little charm like a key or heart and you’ve got yourself a cute budget-friendly invite that everybody will be excited to receive. I know I would!

Vintage Favor Bag via Etsy

Vintage Mason Jar Favor bag

Floral Heart Muslin Bag via Etsy | Blue Mason Jar Muslin Bag via Etsy

Another neat idea is to purchase vintage stamps to use for postage on your envelopes. But beware, postage can be very costly and is one of those hidden costs when budgeting for your invitations. Depending on the size and weight of your invitation and even postal zones, your postage may vary greatly. Vintage stamps can also be very costly often times paying quite a bit more than face value. First check out local stamp shops in your area, stamp collecting clubs (Philatelic Societies) and even flea markets and tag sales for hidden bargains.

Vintage Stamp Collage

via 100 Layer Cake

Here’s a couple more examples of some amazing vintage wedding invites.

Vintage Invitation Suite via Etsy

Vintage Invitation Suite via Etsy

via Etsy

Simply Designed

via Simply Designed

Bella Figura Vintage Charm Letterpress

via Bella Figura

So what about you? Have you found a couple of favorites in the collections that we compiled? Oh, decisions, decisions…




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