mini red velvet cakes with chocolate bar mini cakes with red bows

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Traditionally wedding cake conjures up visions of vanilla or chocolate cake and buttercream frosting with sugar roses and an equally delicious cream filling. But who wants to do everything by tradition? ... [ read more ]

Knot a Registry, wedding registry, not your typical wedding registry

Wedding Registries | Knot a Registry

I must preface this post by saying that I have never had so much fun putting together a vendor spotlight before. (Not that I don’t love all of my vendors, because I do, immensely :) I digress... Today’s ... [ read more ]

wedding album

Wedding Albums are Priceless

When it comes to weddings, the number one thing about planning for me is choosing the right wedding photographer to capture the best day of your life. And when it comes to those precious photos, the next ... [ read more ]

engaged couple

Wedding Planning | First Things First

When I start anything, especially something that totally could be overwhelming, like say, wedding planning, I like to apply my own version of the first things first concept. My version starts with looking ... [ read more ]