Wedding Cake Alternatives

Traditionally wedding cake conjures up visions of vanilla or chocolate cake and buttercream frosting with sugar roses and an equally delicious cream filling. But who wants to do everything by tradition? Nowadays, choices abound when it comes to wedding cake. Why not consider wedding cake pops, cupcakes, individual cakes, pies or how about a fun dessert bar? We’ve collected some awesome yumminess to give you some inspiration. You can start drooling now! ;)

Aren’t individual mini-cakes (not cupcakes) just so darn adorable? Not necessarily bite-size, but definitely plate-size.

mini red velvet cakes with chocolate bar, mini cakes with red bows

Sprinkle Bakes | Wedding 4 Teen

Yes, these are mini cakes designed to look like a box of chocolates. Wouldn’t this be a sweet surprise for guests in the middle of their table? Yes, yes it would!

mini cakes look like chocolates in a box


Anything in a mason jar is yummy, right? How about cheesecake (my favorite) or even homemade ice cream? Portable and fun. Yum!

homemade ice cream in a mason jar, cheesecake in a jar

Southern Weddings | The Italian Dish Blog

I think that pies are the perfect comfort food at a wedding. Think of all the possibilities…cherry, pumpkin, apple, blueberry, lemon meringue, berry, oh my! And they can come in full size, or even better, bite size!

peach pie with rustic cake topper, variety of mini pies on a cake stand

Style Me Pretty | Tara Guerard Soiree

mini cherry pies with a heart


And what’s not to love about a cookie? At a wedding? Yes, please! Cookies with milk shooters (great for the little ones who want to party like big people) and they make great favors for a late night snack for your guests on the way home. Even better, cookies that are stacked to look like mini wedding cakes – best of both worlds!

chocolate chip cookies with milk shooters, chocolate chip cookie as wedding favor

Audrey Magazine | HGTV

cookies layered into mini wedding cakes

Julia Usher Kitchen

While not traditional, cupcakes and even cake pops are becoming more and more commonplace at weddings. But I mean really, with all the varieties available, these little cuties are anything but mainstream, except maybe a cake pop that looks like a cake. :)

cake pops that look like mini wedding cakes

Strawberry Chic

pink and white cake pops with gold glitter, chocolate cupcake with flower

Sweetapolita | Cannelle Vanille

chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and pink roses


Dessert bars have always been a popular alternative but today the creativity really stands out! Whether you serve it up right after dinner or as a late night treat, there is usually something for everyone’s sweet tooth!

dessert bar with cupcakes, cake pops and candy

Style Me Pretty

dessert bar with cupcakes and cake pops

Amy Atlas

I could have gone on and on but I think you get the idea. There are literally so many possibilities today. It’s no longer about tradition, it’s really about what you love to indulge in when it comes to dessert. You can have your cake or cupcake or cookies or pies and …. Eat them all!

Have you been to any weddings with some yummy wedding cake alternatives? Let us know!




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