Pink + Aqua Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

If you’ve been following our wedding inspiration boards for a while now, you may have noticed that I tend to gravitate to pink and blue quite often. It’s not that pink or even blue are my favorite colors. I actually have lots of favorites as I mentioned in the “What Color is your Wedding?” post last week. But there is something about the color pink at a wedding (grooms, you are going to have to deal) and well, of course, something blue. :)

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bright teal, vibrant pink, cotton candy pink, light aqua

Whenever I first saw this gorgeous shade of blue in a bridesmaid’s dress with those beautiful pink peonies I knew I had to create a wedding inspiration board around that dress and bouquet. Nowadays there are so many options to match and coordinate your wedding to your heart’s desire. Just look at all the pretty we gathered. No longer do you have to get your shoes dyed to match your dress (risking dyed feet at the end of the day – ha!) but the choices in styles and colors are endless! Oh, how I love those gorgeous aqua shoes!! And I couldn’t help but notice that the beautiful pink toes just coordinated with everything else pink! How about a pink drink, too? I’m not sure if it was the pink can or the squiggly straws that drew me to this photo. After doing a little checking with my friend Google (we’re very close – best buds, in fact), Sophia Blanc de Blancs is named after Francis Ford Coppala’s daughter. I am dying to try this wine because of course, anything that comes in a cute little pink can must be good, right? How about incorporating a beautiful letterpress invitation from Bella Figura for a luxurious touch to your wedding? And won’t the aqua blue rock candy look cute sticking out of these pink striped favor bags? Oh, yes, it will! :)

Yes, pink and blue are one of my favorite color combinations for weddings. Sigh.


Row 1: Bridesmaids Dress via Shop Joielle | Shoes captured by Corbin Gurkin Photography via Style Me Pretty | Sofia Drink via Style Me Pretty

Row 2: Letterpress Invitation via Bella Figura | Favor Bag via Shop TomKat | Rock Candy captured by Miranda Laine Photography via Style Me Pretty: Texas

Colors: Bright Teal, Vibrant Pink, Cotton Candy Pink, Light Aqua


  1. says

    This is a beautiful inspiration board! I am actually working on a tiffany blue and coral one! I never thought about it but, I love blues and pinks too! I love the blue shoes with pink polish! Look forward to reading more!

    • AlexandraAlexandra says

      Ooh! Tiffany Blue and coral sounds gorgeous!!! You might have just inspired another inspiration board… :) Thanks so much for reading Jenn!! xo

  2. says

    GAH!!! some of my favorite colors… if not MY ABSOLUTE favorite colors! if my wedding had been in the spring you can bet your bottom dollar those woulda been the colors. gorgeous!

    • AlexandraAlexandra says

      It’s official, we have to get our hands on some Sophias! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by Nanette! xo


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