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Have you ever wondered how to come up with colors for your wedding? Of course, the first logical choices are your favorites. Let’s just say you love pink, or purple or blue. Now you’re thinking, what would coordinate with pink? Because you know that an all pink wedding would not fly with your fiancé – no way, no how, unh-unh. Enter Chip It! What is this I speak of? Well, it’s kind of a really cool decorating tool that just so happens to work pretty sweetly to help you coordinate colors for your wedding too. Let me show you.

First, download Chip It from Sherwin Williams, yes, the paint people – ha! You will create a little “Chip It” button on your toolbar, just like the “Pin It” button. :) When you find an image with colors that inspire you, click on the Chip It button. A little drop down tab should appear in the top left hand corner. Roll your mouse over it until this message appears: “Roll over any image and chip it!” Take your mouse and roll over the image that you love until another little tab appears that says “Chip It”. Click on this and watch the magic happen.

Here is a photo of a beautiful color scheme that I saw. I chose this particular image because it was based on interior design (not even remotely wedding related), and because I loved the colors. Remember you can find color inspiration for your wedding anywhere – in nature, food, interior design, flowers, etc. – the list is endless!

Color Your Wedding Inspiration using interior design couch and pillows

Living Room Inspiration via Made by Girl

Here is what happens after I “Chip It”!

Color Your Wedding, Sherwin Williams Chip It

Just look at some of those gorgeous, soft, muted tones that Chip It pulled together from the image. But you may be saying, “That looks really kind of boring…for a wedding.” Ah, yes, but did you notice the “more colors” in the lower right hand corner? Wait for it….

Color Your Wedding, Sherwin Williams Chip It Add Colors

BOOM! Now we’re talking!! Do I have you oohhing and ahhhing yet? No? Okay, let’s take it one step further. Here is what I would do next. Go to the Sherwin Williams site, and in the search function, type the color numbers that you favor from the Chip It board. Mine are SW 6875 Gladiola, SW 6666 Enjoyable Yellow, SW 7025 Backdrop, and SW 6212 Quietude.

Color Your Wedding, Gladiola, Enjoyable Yellow, Backdrop, Quietude, Sherwin Williams Chip It colors

Ta-da! Here is my color inspiration for my wedding!

You can even go to your local Sherwin Williams store and pick up the actual paint swatches to carry with you to your vendor meetings. Cool, right?

Now, let’s head on over to our Inspiration Studio and select a color. We’ll start with orange. Here is a great photo that actually incorporates “Gladiola” and “Enjoyable Yellow”.

baskets of peaches as wedding favors, Color Your Wedding, Sherwin Williams Chip It

Photo by Peach Blossom Photography via Heart Love Weddings

Here is a bouquet from one of our inspiration boards that picks up “Gladiola”. We even pick up some of the “Quietude” in the leaves.

rustic coral and brown wedding bouquet, Color Your Wedding, Sherwin Williams Chip It

Photo by Jenny DeMarco Photography via Style Me Pretty via Heart Love Weddings

I then clicked on yellow in our Inspiration Studio and came across this inspiration board. I thought the yellow Save the Date worked well for my “Enjoyable Yellow”.

rustic yellow save the date tag, color your wedding, Sherwin Williams Chip It

Hitchcock Ink -Etsy via Heart Love Weddings

And here is the beginning of your rustic, orange (Peach/Gladiola), yellow (Enjoyable Yellow) and green (Quietude) wedding color inspiration board! Pretty, isn’t it?

Color Your Wedding Rustic Inspiration Board with shades of peach, yellow and green

Color Your Wedding, Sherwin Williams colors Gladiola, Enjoyable Yellow, Quietude

Now you have a bouquet to show a florist, baskets full of peaches that work well as decor and even better as a favor, and a fabulous Save the Date idea for your stationer.

Just for giggles, here’s another picture  with colors that inspire me! Let’s see how Chip It works it…

Color Your Wedding Travel Inspiration, Sherwin Williams Chip It

Italian Villa Inspiration via Italian Villas

How fabulous would these colors be for a wedding?! You could get so creative. Let your imagination run wild with any image you may have! :)

What do you think? Has choosing wedding colors ever been so easy and fun? I don’t think so. Are you going to go try this? Let me know what you come up with. Go now and have some fun! xoxo

Please note: We did not receive compensation from Sherwin Williams in creating this post. We just wanted to share a really fun and cool tool that can be utilized for more than just interior design.


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