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Red White and Black Wedding

You guys… I can’t believe this is the last wedding and love story of 2012!!! I think I might cry, both from happiness and sadness. I’m sad because it’s the last one of the year, but I’m happy because we’re ending on such a beautiful, wonderful note. This red, white and black wedding from Rebekah Hoyt Photography is classic, elegant, heartfelt, and simply gorgeous. I love the love between the bride and groom. I love the sweet little charms (both from her parents wedding and now her own) on the bride’s garter. I just love everything about this wedding and I hope you do too!


Jana and Antonio met four years ago. They were both in other relationships at the time, so they became nothing more than friends.

Four years later, Jana went out with some friends to celebrate her last Saturday of work during tax season. They’d planned on going to Cheeseburger In Paradise, but Jana changed her mind at the last minute, and they went to the new Mexican restaurant that had opened instead.





All of a sudden, in walked Antonio, and Jana’s heart skipped a beat. He came over to talk to her and they caught up on the last few years. Soon, he had to get back to his friends, and she to hers, but he somehow managed to sneak a note over to her table. He told her that he’d always had a baby crush on her and asked if he could have her number.

He didn’t call for several days, but on April 15th, he sent her a text. They went on their first date that same night. They enjoyed happy hour together, and because they didn’t want the night to end, went to D.C. and met up with a group of Jana’s friends. And before the night was through, Jana took matters into her own hands and kissed Antonio for the very first time.




When they first started dating, they would travel everywhere on dates. They would dare each other to find the better place for a date. Which is a ridiculously awesome idea by the way. One Sunday, they decided to go to Georgetown, take a walk and enjoy the weather. It was an absolutely beautiful day and they walked for hours. They happened upon a tree that they called their wishing tree. They each went and spoke to it privately and never told the other what they wished for. That’s when Jana knew they had something special.



Two weeks later, they went to the Air and Space Museum and had a blast. When they realized they would be leaving in the thick of traffic, Jana called her mom and managed to get them a ride. It was the first time Antonio met her parents and it went really well. Later that night, they were making dinner at her place and only speaking through written notes. In one of them, Antonio stated that she was his girl. Not a question, but a statement. And that’s when she knew she would spend the rest of her life with him.



Because she’d kissed him first, Jana was leaving saying I love you first up to him. And he did. One night while hanging out at her place, Jana got up to use the bathroom. She found a note on the door that said, “pssst, I love you!” She was so excited she ran out and said it back. Pssstshe still has the note 🙂


It started with Antonio challenging Jana. He told her that she wasn’t any fun because of her early curfew on weeknights. He knew what buttons to press and that she’d do anything to prove him wrong, so she decided to have a fiesta night with tacos, wine, and movies. They had a wonderful night and she stayed up well past midnight. They’d finished their bottle of wine, and assuming that she’d proven him wrong, decided to head to bed. That’s when he pulled out a second bottle of wine. To prove her worth, she told him to open it. As he handed it to her, she began to read the label, which said: “The Beginning: Jana and Antonio The day you said yes and chose to share your life with me.” As she began to form the question she turned to find Antonio on bended knee. He said, “Marry Me.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement. She gasped and mumbled repeatedly for a few moments before exclaiming that she had to call her mom. As she was searching for her phone, Antonio stopped her, “I’m waiting for you to say…” Without hesitation, “YES!!!”




{From the Bride} Our wedding day fell on a mild September day. I remember waking up at my parents home, walking downstairs to see my parents, my uncle and aunt, as well as the pastor and his wife. They were all so excited and it still hadn’t hit me yet. So I decided to go about my normal routine. My dad and I took my dog, Luca, for a walk. I had some coffee, took a shower, and then my mom and I headed to Statements, the hair salon in Woodbridge, Virginia. All of the girls met us there to get our hair and makeup done. 

We met back at my parents home where the limo picked us up to bring us to the church. It all hit me there, in the limo, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

We pulled up to the church and I ran in to find that my bouquet was wrong. I’d asked for red roses and they were white. I didn’t freak out, so my mom did for me. She went in the other room to call the florist and had them bring me my correct bouquet. Luckily, I am a very prompt person, so we arrived at the church 30 minutes early, meaning that the flowers issue only delayed the ceremony by 10 minutes.

Antonio and I did not do a first look because we are very traditional about things like that. I did however do a first look with my dad. He’d had a heart attack a couple of years ago and it meant the world to us that he was there. I didn’t let him see the dress until the day of. It was a special moment that we got to spend together that day.

I will never forget when the doors opened at the church and I saw Antonio for the first time. I don’t think my smile could have been any bigger and the pictures speak for themselves. Rebekah, our photographer, was absolutely amazing. Luckily, Antonio and I did our engagement shoot with her because our wedding shoot was rushed due to time constraints. We had 15 minutes to do all of our photos and WE DID IT!!! It was amazing!!

I knew things could go wrong the day of the wedding, but I didn’t know that I would be that calm when they did. I will never forget when we sat down to eat at the reception, I looked over at our cake that was next to our table and it was pink. It was supposed to be ivory. I literally just laughed, and Antonio was so sweet, “It’s ok, honey, it’s because it’s red velvet and it bled through.” I didn’t even care!! It was delicious.



{Advice for Couples} Do not go into wedding planning expecting it to be perfect, it never is. True colors of family and friends will come out, but never forget who’s day it is. With that being said, NEVER become a bridezilla!! This is supposed to be fun for you and your husband-to-be. Enjoy every second of it! Trust in the Lord and He will provide. When in doubt, pray and make sure to communicate your expectations. No one can read your mind.


Congratulations, Jana and Antonio, and thank you so much for sharing your wedding and love story with us! We wish you both so much love and laughter in the many years you’ll share together! Many, many thanks to the wonderful Rebekah Hoyt for sharing this very special day with us today!! We couldn’t have dreamed of a sweeter way to end the year!

**Photographer: Rebekah Hoyt Photography / Ceremony Venue: Potomac Crest Baptist Church / Reception Venue: Old Hickory Golf Club / Flowers: Flower Gallery of Manassas / Cake Baker: Amphora Bakery / DJ: Marc Augenbraum DJ Services / Bride’s Dress: Impressions Dress from Jeanettes Bridal / Bride’s Shoes: Nina Shoes from DSW /  Dresses: Jeanettes Bridal / Hairstylist: Statements The Salon / Father’s Cufflinks: Etsy / Escort Card Corks: Corkey Creations / Birdcages: Save On Crafts / Save the Dates: A Giftful Heart / Favors: In honor of her uncle and father, they donated to the American Heart Association
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