Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas

What woman wouldn’t LOVE a proposal with a little Tiffany blue box with a special something sparkly (definitely not a keychain) nestled inside? I’ll wait while you swoon. Yes, I thought you might. Most of us (girls) adore that “little blue box” so it was really easy to create a wedding inspiration board based on one of our favorite blue hues, in honor of Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas, Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas, Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration, tiffany blue, crystal white, tuxedo black, silver gray

Colors: Tiffany Blue, Crystal White, Tuxedo Black, Silver Gray

I don’t know when it started, but I have a real fascination with vintage cars, especially ones from the 50’s and 60’s. Maybe it was the pink, yes, pink Chevy Bel Air that we had when I was growing up. All I know is that when I see a bride and a groom use one as part of their wedding, well, it brings all kinds of sweet memories back. When I saw this Tiffany blue vintage beauty captured by Britt Croft Photography (one of the premier partners in our Vendor Boutique) my heart just melted. A Tiffany inspired wedding needs to have some sparkle and you know you’ll always find it in the little blue box. How does Tiffany make those diamonds sparkle the way they do? Takes your breath away, right? Now, take a look at these petit fours. They really are the perfect sweet! Have you ever tried one? They’re a personal favorite! :) Rounding out our wedding inspiration board this week are escort cards, a vintage bird cage, and a blue candy favor bar, all in that fabulous Tiffany blue hue. Add classic black, white, and gray to your color palette, and you have created a match made in heaven!!


Row 1: Bride and Groom (that amazing vintage car and an all-around gorgeous wedding) captured by Britt Croft Photography, Tiffany Ring Set via Tiffany & Co., Petit Fours via Better Homes & Gardens

Row 2: Escort Cards captured by Shipra Panosian Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Bird Cage captured by Meagan Ramirez Photography via Wedding Chicks, Candy Bar captured by Carmen Ash Photography via Something Turquoise


    • AlexandraAlexandra says

      Thank you so much, Britt!! It all started with that picture you too :) I’d LOVE to attend a wedding just like this too!! XOXO

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