Fall Fashion: Splurge vs. Save

by Carly is Inspired

The weather in the northeast has just been…strange. One minute I’m piling on layers and the next I’m diving back into my summer clothes in order to piece together an outfit that will keep me cool without making me look and feel like it’s still the middle of summer. Even though I so wish the warm weather would stay around forever just a bit longer, I’m always happy when the seasons start to change because it means I can swap wardrobes.

Over the past few days I have truly learned that I just get bored of my closet after a couple of months, so it’s definitely a good thing that I tend to save versus splurge on my fashion choices. With that being said, I do love a good splurge but only when it’s a classic item that I know I will wear for years or one that fits me like nothing I can purchase at a lower price point (see Tieks and Kate Spade). Essentially, I’m the daughter of an accountant, so I only take well thought out and very much calculated fashion risks involving my finances. : )

With all of this in mind, a little splurge vs. save inspiration for fall fashion:


 1. Navy Striped Jersey Raglan Dress 2. 1969 Always Skinny Jeans 3. Metallic Gold Tieks 4. Gramercy Two-Toned Watch by Kate Spade 5. Navy Twill Fleece Lined Parka 6. Emerald Green Embroidered Chiffon Blouse 7. Cobble Hill – Ellen handbag by Kate Spade (more colors available!) 8. Orchid Frame Collar

  1. If I know I’m going to wear something very infrequently, I’m much more apt to want to save. Most days I wear jeans to work, so it’s very unlikely that I will splurge on a skirt or dress no matter how much I want to. My favorite skirt is from the LOFT, and I’ll be sporting that striped dress this weekend at Bridal Market from The Gap. If you’re attending a fall wedding, make sure to check out Rent the Runway!
  2. I like to save on blouses and trendier pieces, but jeans are where I will splurge. The Always Skinny Jeans from The Gap are my favorite hands down. Even though they are at least $70 per pair, they are well worth it because the fit is fantastic and they wash up perfectly each and every time.
  3. A few weeks ago I decided to finally splurge on a pair of Tieks in Metallic Gold. So many of my wedding industry friends (Alexandra included!) rave about them, and I was willing to try anything because I can never ever find shoes that fit me well. Y’all…these shoes changed my life. They are so comfortable, which is monumental for me to say. Plus, they’re cute, they stay on my feet, and the Tieks customer service team is awesome. Please do yourself a favor and purchase a pair! Boots are my other must have fall item that is definitely more of a splurge (i.e: under $200).
  4. A watch definitely falls under the splurge category for me, especially when it’s a classic. I tend to sway towards timepieces that are very versatile – the ones that I can wear with silver or gold jewelry and dress up or dress down. Plus, wearing a watch is my favorite way to complete an outfit. I love popping on my Kate Spade watch and choosing a bangle before I walk out of the door.
  5. Jackets to me are both a splurge and a save. Options that allow you to remove a layer or two get bonus points, like the Twill Fleece Lined Parka from The Gap. By zipping out a layer, you can create a fall coat for the month of crisp fall mornings that the season brings that usually have you dodging purchasing a jacket just for the season. Once the temperatures dip again, pop the fleece back in and you’re ready for winter! Searching for a pea coat? I have one just like this from J. Crew, and I wear it all the time.
  6. I just picked up this blouse over the weekend from Old Navy, and I love it. When it comes to trendier pieces, I’m definitely one for saving because you never know what next season will bring. However, if it’s something I know I can dress up and dress down I’m usually willing to spend a bit more.
  7. I’m not a purse girl. I tend to buy one once every two years (no, I’m not kidding…), so when I do it’s an event that falls under the splurge category. My current handbag is the Cobble Hill – Ellen by Kate Spade (sensing a theme here?), and it’s bright pink. I was so tempted to purchase one in camel or black because I’m married to classics, but I decided to risk it for a color I love. Needless to say, my bright pink bag will be my favorite forever and ever (or for the next two years).
  8. Costume jewelry is definitely a save (for the most part)! I usually gravitate towards jewelry with color, and I know I can only wear it with certain outfits. That usually means I can’t justify spending a lot on it (my two exceptions: a Kate Spade bangle and a J. Crew bow necklace). Be sure to check out Bauble Bar for reasonably priced pieces!

Let’s hear it! When do you splurge and when do you save when it comes to fall fashion? Also, do you love giveaways? I’m running one on Carly is Inspired right now. Take a peek!


  1. Jeanette says

    Love the Twill Fleece Lined Parka – especially for the season we’re in and the one we’re quickly approaching!

    • Carly Totten says

      Agreed! It’s really cute. If I didn’t have two navy coats already, I would be on my way to The Gap right now!

  2. says

    Tieks on next in line for my splurge item!! I keep hearing heavenly things about them & can’t wait to put a pair in my closet! Did you find they ran big or small?

    • Carly Totten says

      Hi Kat! Thanks so much for commenting! : ) I’m a 6, and I purchased a 6. They do run true to size, but they take a little while to break in. Once you purchase your pair, try wearing them around your house with a pair of socks so they stretch a bit quicker. Then you will want to live in them, especially if you’re on your feet all day at an event! They also mold to your feet. Yay for awesome shoes!


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