DIY Glitter Monogram Mug

Do you love glitter? How about monograms? Mason jars? What about glitter, monograms, and mason jars? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, our DIY glitter monogram mug is for sure going to be added to your todo list in the very near future!


Supplies needed:

  • Font Print (I used Arial Black – font size 200 or whatever suits your need). For best results, the font should be block style, sans-serif.
  • Scotch tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Mason jar mug
  • Découpage (I used Martha Stewart Multi Surface Durable Glitter Finish – available at Michaels)
  • Glitter (I used Martha Stewart Yellow Gold – available at Michaels)
  • 2 Paintbrushes
  • Wax paper

Please note: These mugs are a bit labor intensive and require a little time and patience. Do not attempt if you are in a hurry or under a time constraint. Take your time and enjoy the crafting process!


Step one: Print the letter in the font size and style that you want. (Recommended font and size noted in supplies above.)

Step two: Cut out the letter with a sharp pair of scissors, creating a stencil.

Note: For the letters A, B, D, O, P, Q,  and R, you will need to keep the (white) insides of the letter. When you get ready to paint the découpage inside the stencil, take a little water, dab on the mug and “stick” the inside of the letter down first. Then take the stencil and line up with the inside to complete the letter. This is so you don’t glitter bomb the whole thing, including those letters with openings. (For all other letters, just use the cut out stencil. No insides are required there.)

Step three: Tape the stencil to the mug using scotch tape.

Step four: Taking your paintbrush, carefully dab the découpage inside the stencil, being careful not to get too lumpy or gloppy.

Step five: Sprinkle glitter liberally over the découpage.

Step six: Tap the mug over the wax paper to catch any loose glitter.

Step seven: Carefully remove the scotch tape and stencil.

Step eight: Take a dry brush and carefully brush any excess glitter away from the edge of the letter.

Step nine: Allow to dry for at least one hour before beginning your second coat.

Step ten: Take your paintbrush and carefully dab a second layer of découpage over the glitter letter. With this second coat, you can clean up the edges a little.

Step eleven: Sprinkle glitter liberally over the second coat of découpage, and then tap the mug again over the wax paper to catch the loose glitter.

Step twelve: Allow to dry for at least one hour before you take the dry paintbrush and sweep any excess glitter from the edges. (You can remove any excess découpage, with a little nail polish remover and Q-Tip.)





Step thirteen: This isn’t really a step but if you want to use this mug for drinking or clean it up in the dishwasher (yes, I said dishwasher!!), you must let the découpage cure (or set/dry) for 28 days. Then, go ahead, wash it in the dishwasher! :) I did, and it worked beautifully!




Our DIY glitter mug would make a great vase for some spring flowers, a cute pencil holder, a perfect hostess gift filled with chocolate kisses, a sweet bridesmaid gift, or even a glass full of sweet tea or lemonade! Go ahead, grab some girlfriends and get your glitter on!


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