Elegant Vineyard Wedding

I just love this elegant vineyard wedding from Clearly Perceived Photography. With its neutral colors and romantic glow of candles, it’s the epitome of sweet and simple elegance. The bride wore a gorgeous Watters dress and INCREDIBLE shoes!! I love the first look behind closed doors and three pretty wedding cakes! Elizabeth and Joshua’s love story is just so sweet. Their entire relationship, they haven’t been able to get enough of each other. We hope they never do! They’re THAT kind of  cute! ;)



Elizabeth and Joshua met while they were still in college. Truth be told, he noticed her before she even saw him. In the ChemE department at VCU, there is one main room where all of the chemical engineering classes are held. At the time, she was just the cute girl going in to class as he was coming out. She was always so focused on getting to class on time (a chore for her personally) that she wasn’t always aware of her surroundings, which is why she missed him that first time.



After Elizabeth’s sophomore year, she interviewed for a position at a local plant. During the interview, her future boss officially introduced them. Right after meeting, Joshua vowed to ask her out on a date if she got the internship. She did, but he didn’t ask her out right away. Instead, they started carpooling, most of the nights never ending with just dropping each other off. They were always coming up with ideas or excuses to do things together after work.



They were too timid to admit they liked each other, so they spent as much time together as they possibly could instead. They would go to Belle Isle, Brown’s Island, or just walk around Richmond together. They went to see Dark Knight when it started playing, and Elizabeth positioned her hand just so, in case he wanted to keep it warm. They even got up at the crack of dawn one day to catch a train and spend the day in Washington D.C. They caught the last train back and then went for dinner and a walk because they weren’t ready to be apart just yet. They even made peach cobbler together late one night after spending the day swimming at Belle Isle.



The day before classes started up again, Elizabeth went over to Joshua’s apartment for dinner. His specialties were spam, mac and cheese, and leftover chicken fajitas. They stayed up all night talking. At one point, they looked over at the clock and it was 3:30 in the morning! Instead of going home like logical people do the night before classes start, they decided to drive to Charlottesville to eat breakfast in the mountains. He dropped her off just in time for her first class, in the same clothes she’d worn the day before! (She had to borrow a pen and a piece of paper to take notes.)


They were pretty much inseparable from that point on. Within a year of dating, they moved in together. They were going to class together, working together, and living together in a small one bedroom apartment. They lived there for 1.5 years before Josh moved to Kentucky for a job. Elizabeth moved out to be with him as soon as school and an internship were through. It’s been more than four years since they started dating, and yet it seems like just yesterday that they were making peach cobbler together.


They set their wedding date before they were even officially engaged! August 23, 2013 was not only the first day they were able to call each other husband and wife, but also their five-year dating anniversary!



A couple of months after they started dating, Elizabeth “proposed” to Joshua! She’d had a bit too much to drink on Halloween night and vaguely remembers telling Joshua that she was going to marry him one day (before falling off her chair). When Joshua proposed, they were headed to Richmond for a long-weekend vacation. After a calamity of errors with their travel plans (misdated plane tickets, crazy storms while driving, wrong orders at Ruby Tuesday, getting pulled over), they finally made it to Charlottesville. They were sitting in the parking lot, having (miraculously) arrived early to their appointment with the caterer (yes, their wedding caterer), when Joshua asked her to marry him. She was shocked, to the point of asking him, “This is where you are going to do it?” before saying yes! (To this day, their caterer still has no idea they got engaged right outside of her office. Unless she reads this…)


{From the Bride} Most of the week leading up to the wedding was pretty stressful. My mom is a perfectionist with good intentions for her only daughter, so she was driving everything to completion! I love you, Mom!



The day before the wedding was beautiful: mid-80’s, a few clouds in the sky, and a gorgeous sunset. The day of the wedding, I woke up and the forecasted partly sunny skies was now cloudy with a chance of showers. By the time I was fully awake, it was pouring outside. To me, it was not a big deal. Rain on your wedding day is good luck, right? Mom, on the other hand, was freaking out! “IT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO RAIN!” Fortunately, the entire wedding was planned to be indoors, so no major changes to the location, but it did delay some things though.


The transportation vehicle, which was supposed to bring the guests up to the church, arrived 1.5 hours late due to an accident. This meant our wedding started close to an hour late. What a blessing in disguise that turned out to be. Because, by the time the vehicle arrived, the rain was stopping!




The ceremony was gorgeous. It was in this amazingly gorgeous chapel that could only hold about 90 guests. The cloudy sky made the candles and the uplighting that much more beautiful. As I walked down the aisle, I had this 1000 watt grin on my face and Joshua was trying to compose his half cry/half smile. Throughout most of the ceremony, Joshua and I took turns sharing tissues (taking sharing to a whole new level!). After the ceremony, we had a recession line to thank all of our family and friends for sharing this moment with us. Afterwards, we quickly had to take our portraits to get back to the party. After all, we were already almost an hour behind schedule at that point.


As we walked out to the vineyard, the sun started to peak out behind the clouds, giving everything this amazing golden glow. The vines were at harvest season, so they were plump with grapes. The low laying clouds over the mountains created this mystical effect that you usually only see in backdrops. We were extremely blessed with our portraits. They took less than 30 minutes and we were back on the bus to go down to the reception.



As I got off the bus, I saw through the double glass carriage doors, the reception area. My jaw dropped. It was exactly what I had envisioned. My vendors and family did an amazing job taking what I had in my head and making it come to life. The romantic glow of the candles and neutral colors was meant to highlight the gorgeous environment outside, and it did exactly that.



Joshua and I sat at a sweetheart table together. Just us. At first I was hesitant on this idea, but it was by far the best decision we made. We were able to enjoy the moment together, soak it all in, and talk to each other. Did I mention I had two plates of food!? It was more food than what I had the entire week leading up to the wedding!


The activities after dinner went pretty quickly. I remember small moments, but the pictures and video really help piece everything together. It was everything Joshua and I had dreamed up for the day. Sharing that with our family and friends was more than we could have ever asked for.



{Advice for Couples} Don’t forget why you are getting married! The whole day is about you joining together, not about what material things get in the way. Have a sweetheart table!


Congratulations, Joshua and Elizabeth, and thank you so much for sharing your love story with us!! Wishing you both much love and laughter in the many years you’ll share together! So many thanks to Clearly Perceived Photography for sharing their very special day with us today!! xoxo

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Photographer: Clearly Perceived Photography / Reception Venue: Trump Winery / Catering: Harvest Moon Catering / Cake Baker: Maliha Creations / Ceremony Officiant: Phil Gates / Videographer: Curated Life Films / DJ: In Step Entertainment / Flowers: Couture Design Events / Bride’s Dress: Watters Too; Style Hera / Bride’s Shoes: Joyfolie / Bride’s Jewelry: Tejani / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff; Style 193 / Men's Attire: Black by Vera Wang at David's Bridal / Hairstylist: Lauren Perkins / Makeup Artist: The Bride


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