Peacock Wedding Theme – Teal and Vintage Decor

Peacock Wedding ideas – Teal accents and Vintage decorations

I must preface this post with an apology for my gushing. Not only is today’s vintage peacock wedding gorgeous beyond measure (we’re talking a brilliant shade of teal, vintage birdcages filled with moss and peacock feathers, a million personal handmade touches and succulents, people), but the love story is as sweet as the thought behind every single detail. The bonus? Today’s real wedding and love story are none other than the amazing Katelyn James Photographys very own wedding and love story. I’m in love with her work. Seriously. A bonus to the bonus? Katelyn chose the one, the only and the fabulous Jasmine Star Photography to capture every detail and moment of her very special day. Ladies, it doesn’t get much better than what you’re about to experience.

vintage teal Ford convertible, Katelyn James Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

Katelyn can’t remember the first time she met Michael. He’s been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Their parents are great friends and so the two grew up going to church together, going to school together, even going on vacations together. They started dating in high school when she was a freshman and he was a sophomore. Their dates included choir practice at church, movie nights with her whole family and football games. She was only 15 at the time after all and too young to date, and Michael was barely driving! As the years went on and the two started going on “real” dates, the two childhood friends began falling in love.

Some of Katelyn’s most treasured memories of their relationship are the family vacations Michael went on. Many of which were before the two even began dating! She says that Michael was always like the older brother she never had. Who then became one of her closest friends, then her boyfriend, then her BEST friend and then her fiancé. Sounds like the most perfect of perfect paths to me.

Katelyn and Michael never rushed into anything. At the age of 14 and 16, they made a commitment to stay pure for their future husband/wife. And they dated two whole years before they said I love you.

Michael wrote Katelyn a letter the day he moved away to college and told her not to read it until she got home. After dropping him off at his freshman dorm, and crying the whole way home, Katelyn sat on her bed that night to read it. In it he talked about how hard it was going to be to be away from her and that he promised to come visit as often as he could. He ended the letter by saying I love you for the very first time.

While Katelyn isn’t sure she knew he was The One in that moment (she was only 16), it was the moment she decided that she didn’t want to waste time dating anyone that didn’t have the potential to be her husband someday. Because really, what’s the point? Wiser words have never been spoken. She always knew though that there was a possibility, and the longer they dated, the more and more she thought about marrying him. My heart be still.

modern groomsmen attire, silk teal ties, scabiosa boutonnieres, Katelyn James Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

teal vintage handmade mr and mrs chair decor, vintage reception decor, mahogany chivari chairs, Katelyn James Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

white and ivory bride and bridesmaids bouquets, teal bridesmaids dresses, Katelyn James Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

A few years later, Michael was living in North Carolina and about to move back home. His mom asked Katelyn if she wanted to host a “coming home” party for him, which of course she said yes! They invited 100 family and friends and planned a big surprise. She told Michael to meet her at the church because she had a few copies to make, and together, they’d go to her house for dinner.

When she arrived at the church to meet him that day though, his car was already there. Music was playing in the sanctuary, there were candles everywhere, and Michael was waiting at the front of the church with one long stemmed lily and a chair. When she finally reached him, he sat her down and talked about how long they’d waited for this before getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him. After she said yes, he read her 1 Corinthians 13 and washed her feet, symbolizing that he wanted to serve her and love her for the rest of her life. A photographer friend captured the entire memory for them in images they’ll treasure forever.

It was a long moment before Katelyn realized she was supposed to be bringing Michael to his surprise party. He quickly informed her that the “surprise party” had been his idea all along and that the party was really a surprise engagement party for them. It was also a surprise for the guests as they were under the impression they were surprising him and welcoming him home. They had no idea that he’d just proposed! Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic for the newly engaged lovebirds! My heart is swooning.

vintage type writer ring shot, wedding rings on vintage typewriter keys, Katelyn James Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

{From the Bride} We dated 8 LONG years. Michael was two years ahead of me in school, so we waited until I was done with college to get married. We tied the knot on 10/10/10, our 8 year anniversary! We’ve been celebrating on 10/10 every year and last fall was the biggest celebration of all! We absolutely LOVED our wedding day!

There were over 400 guests yikes! Our ceremony was held at the church where Michael and I grew up and where my dad has been the pastor for the last 21 years! Michael also read his vows off his iPad typical. Daddy married us, my sister was my maid of honor and my little brother was Michael’s best man so the WHOLE family was on the altar poor Momma had to sit by herself! I don’t think she minded:) The band played the same song that was used in our video as I walked down the aisle. The bridge of the song is when the doors opened and I walked in! I was SO excited!!! It was PERFECT!

Our reception was in my parents’ backyard and we had to demolish our POOL in preparation for the wedding! Talk about dedication!! It wasn’t an in-ground pool that would have just been ridiculous! 🙂 There were 93 glowing lanterns under our 6,000 sq. foot tent. Party Perfect said that 20-30 was about average. It took a whole DAY for them to hang them! We saved thousands by not having alcohol at the reception. Obviously that didn’t hinder the dancing!! Crazy kids. Our signature drink was Peacock Lemonade it didn’t taste spectacular but it was TEAL!!! Haha. One of my many crazy ideas

teal vintage modern bridal party, Katelyn James Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

Our Vintage Peacock Wedding was extremely detail oriented. I loved planning it and even though it was overwhelming to decorate 45 tables, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! We used vintage birdcages, my great aunt’s antique furniture, a good friend’s vintage teal Ford convertible and so much more! The list could literally go on and on. 

The day was a blur but a BEAUTIFUL blur! I have hundreds of images and videos to remember it by! One of my FAVORITE moments was when we were announced as “Husband and Wife” and ALL of our college friends that were PACKED in the balcony of the church started cheering and shouting for us! Loved that! I also loved my daddy/daughter dance. I worked with my DJ to insert my voice over the song and surprised my dad. I BAWLED through the whole thing! (You can watch that here! Have tissues handy, you’re going to need them. For both the writeup and the video. I bawled.)

vintage reception decor, teal and brown vintage table setting, succulent side centerpiece, vintage birdcages, vintage bird's nest placecard, Katelyn James Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

teal vintage Ford convertible getaway car, bride and groom say farewell with a kiss, Katelyn James Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

{One last thing from the bride that I added from her website because it’s just.that.beautiful And because it’s what every girl wants.} You see, girls dream of this day. They dream of the dress and the bouquet and the centerpieces but I really never had a vision for all of that. The only thing I remember thinking about as a little girl was WHO I was going to marry. I thought about that a lot. My parents have modeled such an incredible marriage for me. I wanted that. I wanted someone to be my best friend. I wanted someone to love me with makeup off and sweatpants on. I wanted someone who would take care of me and fight for me. I watched my parents and I knew I wanted to marry a man that loved Christ more than anything else in this world because that would mean that he would never leave me. I wanted a man of integrity, who respected me and loved me like Daddy loves Momma.  The amazing thing is… I was given all of that and more. Not only does Michael do all of those things… he also clears my CF cards when I’m behind on wedding prep, he comes home from work to eat lunch with me whenever he can, he cleans the house when I’m shooting weddings so that I’m not stressed when I get home… he doesn’t get frustrated that I’m not an amazing cook and he loves me unconditionally… even when I’m a horrible person to be around.  It’s so easy for me to say that besides salvation, Michael is the GREATEST gift God has ever given me. I couldn’t do life without him.

I don’t think there have ever been two people born more perfect for each other than Katelyn and Michael. That was truly God’s will. Their love is a beautiful gift, one that I can’t believe that I had the pleasure (but am so thrilled I did) to share with all of you today. Thank you, Katelyn, for sharing your very special day with me, and allowing me to share your story with everyone else. Your wedding, the thought you put into every detail was simply amazing. No other word to describe one of the most beautiful and thoughtful weddings I have ever laid eyes on. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others.

A very special thank you also to Jasmine Star who captures love and details in effortless beauty. Every time you pick up a camera, you capture, not just images, but moments that are forever. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. It’s by far a more beautiful place when you do.

I take back what I said at the beginning of this post, I am not at all sorry for my gushing.

Happy Monday!


Photography: Jasmine Star Photography  Event Design/Coordination: Anna Burke

Floral Design: Janie Medley of The Brides Cafe

Officiant: Kevin James  Venue: Salem Baptist Church & Brides parents house

Caterer: Mosaic Edibles  Cake: K Rose Cakes

Wedding Dress: Camille La Vie  Shoes: Davids Bridal Mackenzie

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Rosa  Mens Attire: Ralph Lauren

DJ/Band: Richard Green Entertainment

Rentals: Party Perfect -Lighting: Big Top Entertainment

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