DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas

Fun and Simple Wedding DIY projects – Washi Tape

Have you discovered washi tape? If you haven’t, well, you must be living under a rock. It seems some of our local craft store employees are because when I went there and asked for their section all I heard was crickets. Then, when I went into a little more detailed description, she showed me some and said, “You’re in luck! It’s on sale because nobody knows what to do with this stuff.” Said with a little sneer no less. I just looked at her shocked and started blathering on and on about all the cool stuff you could make and use washi tape for. Her response Oh. Please tell me you’ve at least heard of washi tape!? Yes! Ok. Good.

Washi tape is one of our all-time favorite craft supplies!! It’s so easy to use, versatile in so many areas of your life, comes in pretty, pretty colors and patterns, needs little to no instructions or other supplies, reusable, mistake proof, fun for all ages and generally inexpensive. Rather than going to your local craft store (and getting crickets in response to wheres your washi tape section, we suggest a quick search on Etsy. And while youre at it, check out one of our favorite shops, Willow & Washi!!

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas

We’re so excited about all the uses for washi tape, we thought we’d create some fun things that could add color and creativity to your wedding or next party.

We love initials and monograms, which add a very personal touch to any event. This initial would be so fun on a card table or sweets bar. I recommend mod podging the whole thing making it more permanent and something you can use later on in your home or even a baby’s room. The patterns and colors that we used gives it a almost quilted appearance.

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas, monogram

Washi tape makes a great accent on mason jars whether as a drinking glass, flower vase, and even bottles for drinks on your tables whether for water or lemonade.

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas, decorated mason jars

Want to add some color and design to a plate of cupcakes? Then washi tape is your go to friend. I love using two different patterns and create almost a plaid, checkered effect. Pretty, right? And again, not permanent, so you can do this again and again for different events, themes or holidays.

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas, cupcake platters

Decorating clothespins with washi tape, large and small, are one of my favorite things. It’s super, super easy and can be used for escort cards or place cards, and also cute drink flags.

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas, clothespins, escort cards, drink flags

Just like decorating a plate for cupcakes, you can decorate a plate along with a candle for a whimsical table centerpiece.

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas, candle centerpiece

Lastly, here’s a another great example of using washi tape to prettify a vase. One of my favorite things to do with the tape is making little flags. Did you notice that? 🙂

DIY Washi Tape Wedding Ideas, vase

So, do you have a little better idea what you can use washi tape for at your wedding or next party? But wait, there’s more. Come back on Friday, the 13th, it will be your lucky day, because we’re going to show you how to use washi tape in your home and office! Don’t miss it!!

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